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Earn more with reviews

Almost 80% of customers decide based on reviews

You can also prove by reviews that your product is great.
There are a number of services that work with data and analyze online reviews. They scan the web and evaluate what is being said about your product.

It's good to have useful charts and reports. But it is essential to have something to create from them.

you need tens, hundreds, thousands of reviews and at the same time you want to control them.

Simply: You need a storpic!


Get quality reviews with storpic

You definitely want to talk about your products. You want to have an overview of product promotion and move it in the direction that suits you.

So how does storpic work in short points?

We developed storpic for companies such as administrative management interface an unlimited number of requested reviews and comprehensive communication tool with reviewers.

    1. New reviewer

    If a reviewer meets the conditions to review your product, storpic will allow him to sign up for a review and you will be notified immediately. If you approve the reviewer, he can immediately start writing his story on a blog, Facebook, or other review portal.

    2. New story

    Storpic informs the reviewer of the conditions that his story must meet, based on the definition of your campaign, and at the same time guides the reviewer to ensure that all your conditions are met. Upon completion, you will receive an immediate notification. It's up to you to thank the reviewer for his work. A discount coupon to buy in your store? A review print of your book? Good dinner in your restaurant?

    3. And the story can continue

    This way, you will be filled with a database of reviewers and their stories that you can use for your marketing purposes. If you've been a reviewer before, why not offer them to review your other product? Why not ask him to use his words, photos or media on his social networks?


Automatic management of review campaigns

Let others tell your story

The most trusted "sellers" are your own customers

Through storpic, you will tell your reviewers where and how you want them to write about you. No, storpic does not dictate to them what to write, but defines the topics and other requirements that a quality review must meet. Storpic makes sure that every review meets them.


Do you want the reviewer to write an article about your product on their own blog? Storpic will ensure that it has at least 500 words and contains a link to your site.


An organic post on a Facebook user's private wall is priceless. Storpic checks that people can really see him there.

Reviews portals

Are your products sold on the Internet and do you want their reviews to increase in these e-shops? Storpic will tell this your reviewers and make sure the reviews are there.



Managing so many of reviewers and checking requests in hundreds to thousands of reviews is challenging in the spreadsheet and unnecessarily expensive. Storpic will tell you what you want the review to include, where it should be placed, and it will do the rest of the work for you.


What can storpic help you with?

  • Reviewers

    Registration, selection, choosing reviewers and communication with them

  • Review campains

    Design of simple but also complex conditions of product review campaigns, so that you can make the best use of the review potential for your customers

  • Reviews

    Based on the conditions of the review campaign defined by you, Storpic will check whether the reviewer you selected has met all ofthem and whether he is entitled to a reward, or whether reviewer is suitable for reviewing another your product.


Start getting new reviews for free!

Sign-up and for the first 25 reviews you can use all the features of storpic for free.Only then you willbe able to see, if storpic has saved you money and time.



All Storpic features are available in all plans. The price depends on the number of stories per mont,h that you want to have your reviewers tell. Nothing more.

How the numbers of your stories will grow, storpic adapts to you with prices


Up to 10 stories per month

sign-up now

  • 2,9 €/story
  • After registration you have 25 stories in the first month free of charge


Up to 50 stories per month

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  • 2,38 €/story
  • After registration you have 25 stories in the first month free of charge


Up to 125 stories per month

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  • 1,99 €/story
  • After registration you have 25 stories in the first month free of charge


Up to 300 stories per month

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  • 1,66 €/story
  • After registration you have 25 stories in the first month free of charge


Do you need even more?

contact us

  • Feel free to contact us and tell us about your needs

Not sure which plan is best for you?

Just get started and the first month is 25 reviews completely free. Try what Storpic can do and write us what your goals are. We will try to advise you on how to best and gradually use the potential we have at storpic for you.


Want to know more about Storpic?

Storpic je For reviewers is for free. Reviewers enjoy the benefits of review rewards. All you have to do is register and select the Reviewer account profile in the second step.
Storpic wants product reviews to be of the highest quality, so it recommends defining the following conditions for:

Blog review: company name, clickable backlink (also to increase your SEO), coherent coherent text, keywords, text length

Facebook review: URL as backlink, keywords, hashtags, post length, public post sharing (to make it as visible as possible)

Reviews portals: you define on which e-shops or review portals the review should be published, which keywords and what minimum length of text it should contain
Yes, in the short period of time, we plan to start checking contributions on Instagram.
Payment is made automatically at monthly intervals using the credit / debit card you entered on the same day of the month after selecting the storpic package. You can interrupt the plan at any time.

Contact the sales department

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